星洲辣椒螃蟹    Baked Crab w_  Chilli Sauce  S


Know A Little Bit About Us Hot Spot is a place where it triggers all your 5 senses. 

Awesome experience trying variety of Chinese inspired local famous food in Singapore! (Vegetarian is available on special request). 

Want to taste different yummy dishes, but you have no idea where to. Hot Spot is a perfect for you.

How Local Is It?
Definitely! Hot Spot is one of the most famous restaurant to grab all the deliciousness in Singapore. You will be surprised of what the delight awaits!

From the sound of the wok and ladle, to seeing the vibrant dishes being served to your table and then smell of the fragrant aroma, you can't help but to pick up your utensils and start indulging! Pampering your taste buds with dishes being kicked-up a notch or more, is our pleasure. More than just your usual 'Zi Char' we understand the importance of taste, creating wonders to your tongue and memories that will last for a long time. Located at Burlington Square, with many other cafes and restaurants around the premises, we are glad to ensure you that our prices are reasonably affordable and we guarantee you amazingly delicious meals! Hesitate no further! Just drop by and remember to try our chef recommended dishes like our 'Seafood Tom Yam Soup', 'Curry Fishhead', 'Chili Crabs' and more!